Among Us Airship Map Guide

Fed up with the “phonies” at Pencey Prep, Holden decides to leave Pencey early and catches a train to New York. Holden intends to stay away from his home until Wednesday when his parents would have received notification of his expulsion. Aboard the train, Holden meets the mother of a wealthy, obnoxious Pencey student, Ernest Morrow, and makes up nice but false stories about her son.

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  • Instead, it was placed atop a steel tower 800 yards from the weapon as a rough measure of how powerful the explosion would be.
  • Every time a dead body is found, a crewmember will call a meeting to workshop who they think the imposter is.

If you want a better gaming experience, you can play the game in Full-Screen mode. Jason Toro-McCue has committed his schooling to the study of the connection between game design and narrative. When he’s not working on this bond through writing articles or guides, he’s playing Dungeons & Dragons, or just playing games themselves and looking at the story there. And yes, technically it’s better to customize if you’re a crewmate and worse if you’re an imposter. If you’re a mobile user, then you’ll have to pay for most skins.


At the start of the game, anywhere from four to ten players are randomly assigned a role on their spaceship, the Skeld. You also have the option of sabotaging the entire ship, venting oxygen or breaking the reactor so people have to run around fixing stuff. When a player finds a dead body, they can report it, which pauses the game and leads to a discussion where people can chat to find out who The Impostors are. Players can address evidence found with deaths and vote for a person they think is An Impostor. The player with the most votes will be ejected from the map, and the game will reveal if they were An Impostor . Also, if players are unsure of who may be An Impostor, they can skip the vote.

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If someone receives a majority of votes, they are ejected into space by the rest of the crew. The goal for crewmates is to identify and eject the impostor, but the impostor may try to sabotage the process and persuade the crew to accuse and eject an innocent crewmate. In this game, you participate in a match where there are from four to ten players. Cooperating with chosen crewmates, you have to identify imposters and eliminate them. Among us is essentially a survival game in which all impostors are to be voted away.

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